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Tourist boat

Tourist boat Zlatorog

Welcome to Bohinj, where we will take you on a journey from the crystal surface of Bohinj lake(the largest lake in Slovenia), located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. During the ride the guide will explain interesting facts about the history, cultural heritage of Bohinj, and interesting excursions (the circular path ways) around the lake, which can be combined with Tourist boat.

In fine weather and the open roof of the ride at the beautiful views are especially attractive.

On board are the half-hour ride comfort can enjoy refreshment drinks from the boats buffet.

The Bohinj lake

The Bohinj lake

Bohinj lake is of glacial origin and lies only 525 m above the sea level. It is 4100 m long and 1200 m wide, with maximal depth of 45 m in the east part of the lake. The overall surface of the bohinj lake is 3.18 km2. The lake contains almost 100 million m3 of water. The greatest constant inflow of water is provided by the river Savica, which - like the waterflow Savica - springs under Komar~a. There are many (constant and periodical) affluents, so that the water is completely restored three times a year. The average annual temperature of the lake amounts to 8.5°C, where as in the summer time it warms up to 23°C. The lake is frequently frozen in the winter time. The animal stock in the lake is very rich. There are 65 types of algae, 8 types of mollusca and 5 types of fish living in it; the lake trout, eelpout, bleak, minnow and char, which can grow up to 80 cm. Some constant visitors of the Bohinj lake also include the lake duck, grebe, kingfisher, water goose and several other types of animals.


Walking map of Bohinj

GRATIS walking map - Bohinj with Triglav, only on boat Goldhorn.

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